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Alldock (2015) launches on Kickstarter Posted on 4 Feb 16:28

By on October 21, 2015 —  8 comments


Remember the Alldock?

I do, because I backed it on Kickstarter; I loved the concept (and the practicality) of only needing one wall plug to charge all my devices, in one place, without the mess of cables that seems to infest my desk all the time. Their new and improved version of the charging station has launched on Kickstarter and it’s looking good.

There’s some improved design in the aesthetics with a bit of a curve to the edges where your devices dock and there’s an even better (higher amperage) charger capable of charging 4 devices simultaneously in the medium size model; in an hour. Even devices such as the power guzzling iPad can be charged on all of the ports of the Alldock (2015).

Available now in Bamboo or Wallnut, also sporting a watch dock (designed for the iWatch but will support some Android Wear devices) it may be worth getting onboard for delivery in time for Christmas.

ALLDOCK charges your mobile devices and Apple Watch in one place Posted on 4 Feb 16:26

Written by Stephen Fenech of TechGuide.com.au on October 24, 2015

We love our mobile devices, smartwatches and activity trackers but when it comes to charging them it’s a mess of cables and a fight over the power point. That’s where the ALLDOCK multi-device dock and charge station comes in.

It is a solution that puts all of your cables and chargers in one tidy box with openings to neatly dock your devices.

And the stylish 2015 unit – available in bamboo and walnut – has a single connection to a power point to power the whole thing

ALLDOCK’s current model is already for sale on its website but the company has just kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for its 2015 model which can also charge the Apple Watch, fitness trackers, gaming controllers and cameras.


Inside the new ALLDOCK box is USB charger that feeds the cables to the slots. Each cable fits into a small mount that attaches securely with a magnet to the top rack.

And it’s a fast charger too. It can charge your phone to up to 80 per cent capacity in under and hour.


The medium sized ALLDOCK is being offered on Kickstarter and it can charge up to four devices as once.

It has a simple design and is made from premium materials originated from sustainable forests in China and New Zealand.

That’s evident the minute you get your hands on the product. You can see the quality of the wood and the precision of the manufacturing.

And you can even smell the real wood it is made with.



The 2015 model also includes a small Apple Watch mount that sits on the side of the box so the watch can be draped over it and hand down the side.

ALLDOCK is a German company and the Kickstarter campaign is being offered in Euros.


The project will unlock and go into production when the pledges hit 95,000 Euros.

Customers can pledge 119 Euros to secure a single bamboo or walnut ALLDOCK which is expected to ship in December. You can specify the Australian versions before they ship.




Next generation Alldock for your smartphone, tablet and Apple Watch Posted on 4 Feb 16:18

by November 5, 2015

In a household where devices have simply got to be charged at all times, the AllDock has been a breath of fresh air.  A couple of iPads, iPods and our iPhones all charging away and docked in a presentable manner so the place doesn’t look like a mess. Now, the AllDock team are back with a new generation with a bunch of great improvements.



The 2015 model AllDock adds an Apple Watch accessory which slides into the side and looks really good, but because it’s removable if you don’t have an Apple Watch its ok to leave it off.  Though you could also use it to dangle a fitness band on there too if you needed – just not as integrated as the Apple Watch.


Perhaps better still, the team designing this dock have considered the fact that on the original AllDock you had to grab the cable which sat there loose with one hand, and plug it into your phone in the other hand.  The AllDock now comes with a small attachment which allows you to dock your device with one hand.  Sounds simple, but it’s very useful.


The dock I’ve been testing is the smaller version with four USB sockets, and a Walnut finish.


AllDock are running the new generation through a KickStarter campaign – a little strange given they’ve clearly mastered the product and this is just a new version, but hey – if you want to grab one you can get an early-bird price of 119 UK Pounds.  Or 144 with the Apple Watch accessory.


That’s a fair discount on the 179 pound retail price.

Assuming production hits full swing, the new AllDock should be available in early December in Australia.


GEEKZONE NZ - ALLDOCK review. Posted on 12 Aug 16:47

It happens to everyone... We have more devices that need USB charging than we have space on a desk. And the cables. And the number of chargers with different space requirements. The ALLDOCK USB charging station is a beautiful way of getting around this problem.

The ALLDOCK system is the outcome of a Kickstarter campaign that turned into a success product.

Basically it's a docking station that can keep your devices together, charged and accessible. It is manufactured from a variety of materials, including ABS plastic (the one I have here), bamboo and beautiful walnut wood, to fit any environment and decor.

Inside there's a four port USB charger (or six port for the larger version) capable of an output per port of 5V and a max of 2,400mA. And all these ports can be used simultaneously, with different currents. When using good quality USB cables you will notice your devices (smartphones, tablets, eBook readers) charging fast. And depending on where you slot the device you can keep using it (or if you have the option perhaps have a screensaver with up-to-date information showing up while it is powered on).

The slots are wide and even the medium size one can accommodate a good sized tablet. What I did notice though was that some tablets may have the USB port too close to the edge, so it may not align well with the holes where the USB cable comes out. This is true for one specific tablet I tried with (an old ASUS Android tablet) - I even thought of reversing the top of the ALLDOCK but it is not reversible - the cover feet are design to fit in a specific position. Never mind, it still worked for that tablet - just a bit tight close to the edge.

Obviously I didn't have this problem with smartphones - or any other device really. Because you see, you can pull the USB cables through the slots so even if a device doesn't fit you can still take advantage of the charge's 5V 2,400mA port - handy for devices such as rechargeable mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Anything with a USB port really.

A nice solution for the tangle of cables in the modern house.

The ultimate device dock for families – AllDock – up to six devices on one power point Posted on 19 May 22:21

Read more at http://eftm.com.au/2015/05/the-ultimate-device-dock-for-families-alldock-up-to-six-devices-on-power-point-21078#tlsOf6783d5oY65P.99


There are plenty of great docks out there for single devices, desk docks, bedside docks and others.  But for a family, or perhaps just a couple, there’s a high likelihood you’ve got multiple devices which makes the All-Dock  perfect on so many levels.


image: http://eftm.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-05-17-20.48.40-e1431859163211-850x554.jpg



I can’t remember when a product has had the reaction on social media that this one has had in the last few days after I first shared photos.

The All-Dock has been around a while, starting life on Kickstarter a couple of years back, raising double the required $40,000 and cementing the product’s future.

Now the All-Dock has an Australian distributor, with an online store at the ready and in-store availability later this year there’s a lot more reasons for Aussies to take interest in the All-Dock.

image: http://eftm.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-05-17-20.52.12-e1431859317819-850x384.jpg



The one I’ve been testing is the largest size, coming in at $169 and finished in a rubberised plastic the “Large” All-Dock has six USB ports inside, allowing you to charge six different devices.

Charging cables do not come with your All-Dock purchase, but some handy cable-ties do so you can keep things neat.

In reality the beauty of this device is the single power cable that comes in, supplying charge to six devices.

image: http://eftm.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-05-17-20.50.43-e1431859461678-850x380.jpg



You throw the cables in that you need  – anything from old iPad chargers, new Lightning cables to a MicroUSB.  No matter what devices are in your family you simply take the cables from those power bricks and connect them to the All-Dock.  Thread them through the 15 available slots (three per row across five rows in the Large) and charge away.

Because the slots for the cables are designed to keep the cable in place you don’t risk having your cables retreat back under the dock cover, while having enough “slack” in them to charge them from the bottom, the side or even beside the dock if it’s not something that slots in as a tablet or phone does.

image: http://eftm.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-05-17-20.58.09-e1431859240747-850x530.jpg



The Small and Medium versions of the All-Dock have four USB ports, and either two or four device resting slots.

There are also bamboo and walnut finishes available for a more premium finish.

Freeing up five power points while still charging six devices.  Brilliant.

Well worth the investment – order online now at All-Dock Australasia or wait for it to hit a retail store near you.

Because it’s a power product, compliance with regulations is all important – The All-Dock already has FCC Certification & CE (European Economic Area)  Certification and should have the Aussie “Tick” for power products by the next shipment into Australia which will hit retail stores – The version we tested did not yet have the tick.

image: http://eftm.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-05-17-20.48.55-e1431859295473-850x491.jpg



All-Dock multi-device charger
Date Published: 05/17/2015
Fantastic design, one single power point to charge up to six devices from tablets to smartphones. Brilliant
5 / 5 stars

Read more at http://eftm.com.au/2015/05/the-ultimate-device-dock-for-families-alldock-up-to-six-devices-on-power-point-21078#tlsOf6783d5oY65P.99

All-Dock Wants to Charge All Your Devices, And Do it Incredibly Fast Posted on 12 Apr 23:08


The latest Kickstarter project to catch our eye is one that aims to tackle the mess of cords that most of us have either lying under or around the workspace. Charger cables for phones, tablets, laptops and gaming devices can get pretty cluttered, but All-Dock is looking to change that. 

All-in-one chargers are nothing new, but All-Dock wants more than just a docking station for your stuff. “They envisioned as a functional piece of art” when they put this device together. A USB charging hub is hidden inside a nicely crafted wooden casing and underneath slats that your tablets and phones can sit in at an angle to use them effectively.

The best part about this device though, is the speed in which it charges your gadgets. The USB hub that your charger plugs into produces a 2,400mAh charge for your device to refill off of. All-Dock says that is good enough to charge your smartphone from 0 to 80% in less than an hour. Each All-Dock can charge 6 devices at the same time so all your electronics can be usable.

Backer prices start as low as $39, but those come without the high-powered USB hub. It’s not that much more to get yourself in on the fast charging game, so give it a look. In just a few days, All-Dock is already closing in on the 50% funding mark.

All-Dock MultiDock Charging Station......Mikeshouts.com Posted on 12 Apr 22:54


just few years ago, to peddle a multidock or charging station would be like trying to sell sea water to everyone, but these days with gadget ownership on the rise per consumer, it does sound as crazy to own a multidock charging station such as the All-Dock. granted that the concept of multidock isn’t new, but the All-Dock here is still worthy a mention because it is affordable and is no slouch in the look department (especially the walnut edition). what makes the All-Dock ticks is a specially crafted USB hub hidden beneath its minimalistic multidock. this USB hub is like no other you have seen; it is specially engineered in Germany and is capable of outputting 2,400 mAh per port, which can fully recharge a regular smartphone up to 80% in under an hour.

however, there is a couple of catches here: not all All-Docks offered come standard with a USB hub and those slots that hold up your devices of varied sizes doesn’t come with connectors; you will have to provide your own by hooking up your cables to the USB hub and through the opening within the ‘channels’. so, as you would have imagined, docking and undocking will not be an one-handed process. in any case, the dock also makes a nice stand, where you can have the device you want to use up at the first slot, while the rest of the devices continues to charge in the ‘background’.

the German folks behind this creation has taken the All-Dock to Kickstarter, seeking financial backing to take this to the production line and this is the part where it can be quite confusing. the All-Dock is available in a myriad of guises which can’t even begin to decipher, but all you have to know that you won’t cost you an arm or a leg. the basic starts at $39 (early bird price, limited to 2,500 units) for the All-Dock Small without the four-port USB hub and goes all the way up to $149 for the walnut edition (handcrafted, no less) with 6-port USB hub. on that note, we shall leave it to you to decode the different reward levels and determine for yourself which is the one All-Dock for you. but before you go, you might want to check out a product promo video in the embedded clip below.

All-Dock MultiDock Charging Station


All Dock can charge all your electronic devices at once and fast!.......Techvine www.it-support.com.au Posted on 12 Apr 22:39

For lovers of technology, we usually have a variety of devices from different brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and so forth. One of the main nightmares with devices these days is the terrible battery life. Back in the old days devices used to last hours and hours… sometimes even all day! Nowadays the strength of batteries seem to have diminished and we can be lucky if our device can last 12 hours at best. Furthermore, locating your charger for the specific device can be infuriating! We sure that many people would love a product that is simple, centrally located and with the capacity to charge all our products at the same time. Seem like an unattainable dream? Think again. The ‘All Dock’ that is currently raising funds to manufacture this product on Kickstarter at the moment is looking like our beacon of hope!

All Dock is a docking station that can charge up multiple devices at once (including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Nokia, Kindle, Sony Ericsson, Nexus etc) and at a very fast rate. According to the developers, All Dock is configured to provide 2400mA per USB exit. This means your smart phone can be charged up to 80% in less than 1 hour!! Now that is handy. Who has time to wait around all day? Furthermore, All Dock acts as a prop which allows you to continue using your gadget easily (for example, reading a recipe in the kitchen or streaming a video from Youtube) even while it is charging. 


To use the device, simply plug in your connector (it is compatible with most standard connectors such as Lightning, micro-USB, 30pin) to the 4x or 6x USB hub. Thread the cable through the top of the All Dock and then plug your electronic item into it. Voila!




Did we mention that the All Dock will be available in 3 different colours as well? Sleek!


As of 15 January 2014, All Dock has received almost $55,000 in pledges (they requested only $40,000). They have 16 days to go before the project funding is finalised. If you are interested in being one of the first to acquire this item, then definitely put down a pledge! Or wait for it to be available for online ordering at a later date.

One Dock For All Of Your Devices That Is The All Dock! ......Techmash.co.uk Posted on 12 Apr 22:39

Back in the day, we only needed one or two chargers to charge the batteries of devices, but today we find ourselves looking for more USB ports or mains power ports to charge all the devices that we use today. Therefore, what we need is a way of charging all of our devices, no matter what make or size or rolled up into one single charging station. Something like the All Dock, this is a new idea that has slots of various sizes and up to six fast charging cables can be fed through at once. Now, it seems that charging six devices with one charger is a easy as anything and it’s not confined to just one brand or platform either, the All Dock will charge all tablets and smartphones making it a universal charging device. There are three sizes of the All Dock available, the small version measures up at 220 mm x 113 mm x 61 mm (8.7 x 4.4 x 2.4 in), while the medium version is 220 mm x 142 mm x 61 mm (8.7 x 5.6 x 2.4 in) and the large is 315 mm x 172 mm x 63 mm (2.4 x 6.8 x 2.5 in). As for the size of the slots available, the small & medium models offer 13.5 mm x 214.4 mm (0.53 x 8.44 in), while the large model has slots of 13.5 mm x 309.4 mm (0.53 x 12.18 in). When the All Dock launches you will have to pay around $70 or £43 for it, but you can get some great savings by pre ordering it prices start from around $39 or £24!

Australian Blog www.ausdroid.com Posted on 17 Mar 23:38

in Accessories / Giveaway / News by 3:49 pm on December 15, 2014


Kickstarter is a great way to get your dream project started, but there’s a catch. Your dream needs to capture the imagination of hundreds, if not thousands of people to hit your funding goal and get things moving (depending on your funding goal and the cost of your rewards of course). Across the last couple of years Kickstarter has seen plenty of successfully funded projects in the technology arena; Pressy, The N2 Neo Smartpen, MicroSD Card Reader and One of the best known projects being the Ouya.

Among the successfully funded projects was a charging station known as the Alldock, a place to charge all your toys at once. Because of the number of electronic gadgets I have which all require charging on a semi-regular basis for me backing this one was a no brainer. After what seemed like an eternity waiting with countless “enthusiastic” emails explaining the delays in production and shipping, at the start of October I finally got my hands on the Alldock.

The actual hardware setup is extremely simple to understand and complete, lift the device tray to expose the USB hub which delivers the power to your devices and feed your USB cables through the tray to plug them in. Once you’ve done this, clip your tray back in place and plug the power cable into your Alldock and the wall.

After a few weeks of continual usage, I’m at a point now where the Alldock has become a part of my daily life; my phone, tablet, iPod, Pocket WiFi all need charging on a regular basis and usually more than 1 of them at a time. It only took a few days to develop the habit of plugging in my phone and my tablet into the Alldock rather than plugging my tablet into my PC overnight and my phone on my bedside table.

It’s not “solving a problem” that all users have, nor is it solving anything beyond a first world problem. The reality is that anyone who has multiple devices over multiple platforms has appropriate chargers for them and where the Alldock has won me and over 800 other backers over is the convenience of charging all your gadgets in one place at the same time and using only a single wall plug.

The Alldock has been well thought out and well designed. There is room enough for 2 smaller devices side by side in a single slot, there’s room for a tablet to sit in the device slots for charging or if your device doesn’t fit the cables are long enough that you can simply extend the length out and sit your device next to the Alldock and continue to charge it.