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Kickstarter is a great way to get your dream project started, but there’s a catch. Your dream needs to capture the imagination of hundreds, if not thousands of people to hit your funding goal and get things moving (depending on your funding goal and the cost of your rewards of course). Across the last couple of years Kickstarter has seen plenty of successfully funded projects in the technology arena; Pressy, The N2 Neo Smartpen, MicroSD Card Reader and One of the best known projects being the Ouya.

Among the successfully funded projects was a charging station known as the Alldock, a place to charge all your toys at once. Because of the number of electronic gadgets I have which all require charging on a semi-regular basis for me backing this one was a no brainer. After what seemed like an eternity waiting with countless “enthusiastic” emails explaining the delays in production and shipping, at the start of October I finally got my hands on the Alldock.

The actual hardware setup is extremely simple to understand and complete, lift the device tray to expose the USB hub which delivers the power to your devices and feed your USB cables through the tray to plug them in. Once you’ve done this, clip your tray back in place and plug the power cable into your Alldock and the wall.

After a few weeks of continual usage, I’m at a point now where the Alldock has become a part of my daily life; my phone, tablet, iPod, Pocket WiFi all need charging on a regular basis and usually more than 1 of them at a time. It only took a few days to develop the habit of plugging in my phone and my tablet into the Alldock rather than plugging my tablet into my PC overnight and my phone on my bedside table.

It’s not “solving a problem” that all users have, nor is it solving anything beyond a first world problem. The reality is that anyone who has multiple devices over multiple platforms has appropriate chargers for them and where the Alldock has won me and over 800 other backers over is the convenience of charging all your gadgets in one place at the same time and using only a single wall plug.

The Alldock has been well thought out and well designed. There is room enough for 2 smaller devices side by side in a single slot, there’s room for a tablet to sit in the device slots for charging or if your device doesn’t fit the cables are long enough that you can simply extend the length out and sit your device next to the Alldock and continue to charge it.