One Dock For All Of Your Devices That Is The All Dock! Posted on 12 Apr 22:39

Back in the day, we only needed one or two chargers to charge the batteries of devices, but today we find ourselves looking for more USB ports or mains power ports to charge all the devices that we use today. Therefore, what we need is a way of charging all of our devices, no matter what make or size or rolled up into one single charging station. Something like the All Dock, this is a new idea that has slots of various sizes and up to six fast charging cables can be fed through at once. Now, it seems that charging six devices with one charger is a easy as anything and it’s not confined to just one brand or platform either, the All Dock will charge all tablets and smartphones making it a universal charging device. There are three sizes of the All Dock available, the small version measures up at 220 mm x 113 mm x 61 mm (8.7 x 4.4 x 2.4 in), while the medium version is 220 mm x 142 mm x 61 mm (8.7 x 5.6 x 2.4 in) and the large is 315 mm x 172 mm x 63 mm (2.4 x 6.8 x 2.5 in). As for the size of the slots available, the small & medium models offer 13.5 mm x 214.4 mm (0.53 x 8.44 in), while the large model has slots of 13.5 mm x 309.4 mm (0.53 x 12.18 in). When the All Dock launches you will have to pay around $70 or £43 for it, but you can get some great savings by pre ordering it prices start from around $39 or £24!