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The Perfect compliment to your NATURALS Medium or Large ALLDOCK.

We've created a smart add-on for the ALLDOCK which will enable you to elegantly charge your Apple Watch at the same time as your other digital devices.

We always focus on maximum utilization, therefore we decided to work with a smart magnetic plug system to quickly and easily connect the new add-ons to the ALLDOCK.

Install 2 mounts in Medium & 3 mounts in the large ALLDOCK.

No tools are required - just plug-n-charge!

REALLY IMPORTANT - Note that the APPLE WATCH MOUNT is only FULLY compatible to the Medium & Large NATURALS ALLDOCKS purchased post 23rd November 2015 .

If you have purchased a Large or Medium Combination ALLDOCK with Bamboo or Walnut Rail Top the Apple Watch Mount is partly compatible. The mount will slot thru the top rail and stand in dock but will not magnetically secure without magnetic discs in side wall of ALLDOCK base.