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Wireless and thoughtless charging

This Kit provides all the hardware necessary to wirelessly charge your iphone 6 in your ALLDOCK or on the go.

x1 Woodie Wireless Cover

Crafted with the finest materials, Woodie wireless cover gives the iPhone 6 an elegant and chic look. The wood makes each piece unique and exclusive.

Not just another wooden cover

The Woodie Cover embeds the electronics thanks to which the iPhone can be charged wirelessly. You just need to rest the phone on the dock to fall in love with a technology that will change the nature of charging.

Wireless Standard Qi
Output DC 5V/1A
Conversion Efficiency 80% (max)
Input DC 5V 2A

x1 Woodie Wireless Power Bank

The first wireless charging Power Bank

Woodie Power Bank is the first design-conscious external battery that allows you to wirelessly charge the smartphone on the go thanks to the wireless charging Qi technology. Due to its 2000mAh internal battery, it assures almost 1 full extra charge to the device. Woodie wireless Power Bank also embeds a USB port, thus enabling every device to be charged also with wires.
For its small dimensions and chic look Woodie Wireless Power Bank is the perfect product for the modern world.

The power bank is charged via supplied USB Micro Cable

Compatible with ALLDOCK Charging.  

Wireless Standard Qi
Output DC 5V/1A
Conversion Efficiency 80%
≈ 1 full charge cycle

 Certified to Australia Safety Standards



Woodie Cover & Powerbank from ALLDOCK AUSTRALASIA on Vimeo.